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Line Dance Lessons on DVD

Learn 20 of the hottest line dances on this two disc set!  30 minutes of practice and low impact cardio on each DVD.


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Now: $19.99
Two Step Dance Lessons on DVD

Learn Two Step basics, all at your own pace!  You will learn basic, turns, moves, and dance positinos and practice to music along the way.

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Now: $15.99
Swing Dance Lessons DVD

Learn to Country Swing Dance with this 2 disc set!  From the basics, to advanced, you will be dancing in no time!

Was: $39.99
Now: $15.99

Welcome to Utah Country Dance.  You can find tons of great information on country dancing here on our website.  If you want to learn how to country dance, have a look at our Country Dance Lessons on DVD series.  If you live in Utah and are looking for a place to go country dancing, check out Country Dance Provo!  If you are looking for country music that is good for country dancing, check out our Country Music page.  there you will find music for Two Step, Swing, Line Dancing and much more.

Country dancing is one of the best kinds of dancing for people who are wanting to learn how to dance.  It is very casual, and laid back.  Country Swing Dancing is especially good for beginners because there isn't a rigid set of steps that you have to adhere to.  It is a basic rocking step, that you combine with moves and turns.  It is probably the easiest type of dance to learn, and that is why it has become so popular all over the country.  If you want to learn how to swing dance, check out our Swing Dance Lessons on DVD.

Line Dancing is another type of dancing that has seen huge increases in interest over the last few years, both domestically and internationally.  It is fantastic exercise, its fun, most are fairly easy to learn.  To learn some of todays hottest line dances, check out our Line Dance Lessons on DVD.  Each disc has a 30 minute practice/exercise section for a nice, low impact cardio workout.

If you are ready to take your dancing to the next level, you may want to check out our Two Step Dance  Lessons on DVD.  Two step takes the level of difficulty up a notch as you bring a very focused steps and rhythm to your partner dancing.