Country Dance Lessons on DVD 5 Disc Collection

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Get each of our Country Dance DVD series for one low price!  This set combines the Line Dance Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2, with Swing Dance Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2 and Two Step Dance Lessons on DVD all on one convenient set.  The perfect gift for some one  in your life who wants to learn how to dance. 


Country dancing has seen crazy growth in popularity because it is so fun, and because of the laid back, casual atmospher it brings.  The whole point of country dancing isnt to make sure it is done perfectly, it is to make sure you have some fun, and make it your own.  Get out and express yourself, and dance with your own style and flare, the way you want to, and don't worry about making sure that every step and move is perfect.  That is what counrty dancing is all about. 


Start off by learning some basic swing dance moves, and a couple of classic line dances.  Then if you want, you can get out to a local dance hall and practice your new moves.  As you start to get the hang of it, and you get into more advanced swing dancing and line dancing, you will be surprized at how quickly you progress!  As you start to master the swing dancing and line dancing, you can then expand into Two Step.  Two Steppig is more advanced, and takes a little longer to master than swing dancing and line dancing, but you will love it as it challenges you and takes your dancing up a notch!


One of the greatest things about country dancing is that it is such a good, healthy activity.  You will be surprised at what great, low impact cardio vasuclar exercise it is.  Not only are you going to learn a new skill, but you will be doing something extremely fun and being healthy while you are at it.  Are you going to get ripped!?  Probably not, but for a great low impact cardio exercise, it doesn't get more fun this!